About Me

Haytham Shaer is a journalist, political advisor, and social media activist.

Shaer is a proud Lebanese Maronite and the founder of the American Middle Eastern News Network (AMENN) and Lebinvestigate. Graduating with a degree in Educational Sciences from The Holy Spirit University of Kaslik – Lebanon, Shaer carved a remarkable path through the realm of Middle Eastern media working as a planning producer for Sky News Arabia in Abu Dhabi. Shaer also worked as the assignment desk for MTV Lebanon’s newsroom before venturing from behind the camera to be a presenter himself.

Shaer has presented on numerous television and radio stations, written hundreds of articles published internationally, and has appeared as a featured guest on numerous USA and European media programs. Highlights of Shaer’s career in journalism include interviews with notable political figures such as Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Lebanese Forces Party Leader Samir Geagea, Swedish Deputies Robert Halef and Roger Haddad, and many more.

In 2007 he was the recipient of the Chinese government’s award for “Best Journalist in a Developing Country.”

Fluent in Arabic, English, and French, Shaer is also known for his extensive experience in political affairs. He served as the media advisor for many Lebanese deputies, ministers, and public figures.

A recognized leader and advocate of Lebanon’s Maronite-Aramaic community, Shaer founded Bnay Qyomo a Lebanese NGO aimed at advancing the welfare of the Maronite community, and appeared before the European Parliament to discuss the wider suffering of Christians in the Middle East.

Recently, Shaer co-founded Digital Minefield, a web development company based in the U.S, and he is working on launching Oschmäer, a Christian E-Commerce store.

Shaer has worked as a personal assistant for many singers touring in the Middle East including Plácido Domingo, José Carreras, Gilbert Montagné, Monica Yunus the daughter of Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Muhammad Yunus, Otis Grand, Garou and many others.

Shaer spent the last few years traveling the world making exclusive interviews, documentaries, and working on books. He is now working for Aleteia, a Catholic network based in Rome.

Shaer is a social media expert, photographer, writer, poet and pianist. His dream is to continue traveling the world, writing, making documentaries, and capturing the moment with his camera.